#DarkHuesChats With @timinepre_

Hey everyone and welcome to our first #DarkHuesChats of 2022 🎉🎉 In today’s chapter, we had the chance to interview a very special individual. Not only do they have impeccable fashion taste but they are also a super talented writer who has even been featured on Teen Vogue! So without further ado, may we presentContinue reading “#DarkHuesChats With @timinepre_”

It’s Official Raya is a Badass!

Header via IMDB I had the opportunity to watch Raya the weekend it first became available on Disney+ (shout out to the father because I was not paying to watch that). Overall the film was interesting, and I did enjoy it! So, for those of you who are debating whether to give this film a chance.Continue reading “It’s Official Raya is a Badass!”