The Milestone

Photo by Pixabay: To the person who climbed the ladder,Fighting every temptation,with each step, a dagger to the foot,With each step, a new crippling snake slithering on her leg,with each step, a new milestone,all she wanted was to reach up high,for the most precious apple from the tree,with each step, a challenge because noContinue reading “The Milestone”

African Pear and Black Pepper

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels A platonic embrace.Wait. Transition. A sensual embrace?Why do I want to kiss you?Your cheeks, your neck, your chestI want to bury myself in youInhaling you and your scentI feel it through my whole bodyNostrils alight, my body aflameI don’t want to let go,But I have to buy this for myself Is it weird thatContinue reading “African Pear and Black Pepper”

Dear Colourism

Trigger Warning – Colourism, Racism How violent of you to take ownership of my skin,How violent of you to laugh at my innate love for it,How violent of you to say it needs lightening,How violent of you to take away the sun,How violent of you to tell me my skin is ugly,How violent of youContinue reading “Dear Colourism”

Water Breathing

Photo by Dazzle Jam from Pexels I wanna write about love, but I’m drowning…I wanna give more love, but I’m drowning…I wanna complete this chapter, but I’m falling,Floundering,Thrashing in the water,Trying to come up for air…The water between my fingers feels thicker with each second that goes by,Falling in slow motion,Alone, but peaceful now,Moving how I please…Under water,IContinue reading “Water Breathing”