Water Breathing

Photo by Dazzle Jam from Pexels I wanna write about love, but I’m drowning…I wanna give more love, but I’m drowning…I wanna complete this chapter, but I’m falling,Floundering,Thrashing in the water,Trying to come up for air…The water between my fingers feels thicker with each second that goes by,Falling in slow motion,Alone, but peaceful now,Moving how I please…Under water,IContinue reading “Water Breathing”

#DarkHuesChats with Rachel Isabel

Hello lovely people and welcome welcome welcome back to another chapter of #Darkhueschats! Today’s interview features the lovely Rachel Isabel a talented artist and overall sweet soul x 1. So first and foremost your art is amazing! You are truly talented. What inspired you to become an artist? I have a very creative family, myContinue reading “#DarkHuesChats with Rachel Isabel”