The Milestone

Photo by Pixabay: To the person who climbed the ladder,Fighting every temptation,with each step, a dagger to the foot,With each step, a new crippling snake slithering on her leg,with each step, a new milestone,all she wanted was to reach up high,for the most precious apple from the tree,with each step, a challenge because noContinue reading “The Milestone”

‘Lowkey’ is a Song I’ll High Key be Playing on Repeat

Header Image from Empawa YouTube Page I first stumbled across this song via Industry Official’s Instagram and honestly once I initially heard it, I was hooked. The song starts off with a soft tropical beat that instantly had my mind transport me to somewhere warm with an amazing beach. This was great because I needContinue reading “‘Lowkey’ is a Song I’ll High Key be Playing on Repeat”