It’s Hard to Be Persistent When Dating

Photo via Kohlerphoto from Getty Images Signature Though dating is supposed to be an exciting experience. As it’s the chance to socialize, meet new people and ultimately form beautiful connections. When people tend to ask me about dating, I always let out a BIG sigh because for me personally dating has been trash.  It’s honestlyContinue reading “It’s Hard to Be Persistent When Dating”

Where are The Romance Stories for Dark Skin Women, Non-Binary People and Trans Men?

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels Valentine’s Day is literally around the corner, and although it would make sense for me to recommend you dark skin friendly romance films/TV series, instead I felt it would better to use this opportunity, to bring awareness to the lack of fair and accurate representation dark skin women, non-binary people and transContinue reading “Where are The Romance Stories for Dark Skin Women, Non-Binary People and Trans Men?”

9 Best Self-Love Practices for Valentine’s Day

Photo by Tim Mossholder from Pexels It’s easy to live through each day of the year wallowing in the pressures and difficulties that come with being human and thus neglecting ourselves. It’s also easy to crave things such as love, pampering from others, the feeling of being special, plus being thought about. Now, while these are valid andContinue reading “9 Best Self-Love Practices for Valentine’s Day”

There is a Time and a Place For Romantic Relationships!

Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels So in the year 2022, I think I’m finally ready to date 😝 Since the beginning of Uni, I’ve been pressured to date. I was always asked by friends, acquaintances and even co-workers questions such as ‘why are you single?’, ‘don’t you want a boyfriend?’, ‘why aren’t you dating?’. Now although theyContinue reading “There is a Time and a Place For Romantic Relationships!”

Three Ways to Enjoy Valentine’s Day While Single

Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels Valentine’s day is a perfect day to celebrate love. However, who says that you have to celebrate it with a romantic partner or partners? So, to all my single people out there who are not in the mood to mingle, here are three ways you can enjoy Valentine’s day this year. Me, Myself andContinue reading “Three Ways to Enjoy Valentine’s Day While Single”