Is Modest Fashion Boring? | 3 Times People of Colour Have Disproved This

Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels When I first heard of modest fashion I was sceptical. As from my experience modesty and style did not go hand in hand. However thanks to the increasing representation of people of colour SLAYING in their modest fits. My opinion has completely changed. So here are three examples of People of ColourContinue reading “Is Modest Fashion Boring? | 3 Times People of Colour Have Disproved This”

Jae Stephens is an Artist I Never Knew I Needed

Header Image from Jae Stephens’ Facebook Page I officially became of fan of Jae Stephens after hearing their EP ”f**k it i’ll do it myself”. Now after listening to her two new singles I completely understand why I stan her music because these songs are good! Already On It – (feat VanJess) So, when IContinue reading “Jae Stephens is an Artist I Never Knew I Needed”

Lockdown Led Me To Attempting Box Braids

For the most part lockdown to put it simply, has been trash! However, it has hopefully given us all more time to try out new things such as recipes, make-up, becoming plant parents etc. With all this free time, I thought it was a great opportunity for me to play around with my curls. AroundContinue reading “Lockdown Led Me To Attempting Box Braids”

‘Lowkey’ is a Song I’ll High Key be Playing on Repeat

Header Image from Empawa YouTube Page I first stumbled across this song via Industry Official’s Instagram and honestly once I initially heard it, I was hooked. The song starts off with a soft tropical beat that instantly had my mind transport me to somewhere warm with an amazing beach. This was great because I needContinue reading “‘Lowkey’ is a Song I’ll High Key be Playing on Repeat”

Who Needs Restaurants When I Can Cook at Home?

Now although lock-down is easing and restaurants are now starting to open up. Understandably, some of you may not be thrilled by the idea of going out to eat. Since the number of people with COVID-19 is still dangerously high and if you’re not in the mood to venture outside to have your favourite treatsContinue reading “Who Needs Restaurants When I Can Cook at Home?”

Has My Deep Conditioning Routine Upgraded?

Since my previous deep conditioning cap exploded in the microwave, I was forced to buy a new one! After searching the net for hours, I stumbled on this website Simply Moi, I then decided to purchase the Pydana Deep Conditioning Thermal Heat Cap after reading some good reviews. Important Info Retails for £33.99 Comes in fourContinue reading “Has My Deep Conditioning Routine Upgraded?”

Affordable Beauty Products to Try During Quarantine

Photo by Anderson Guerra from Pexels With the Covid-19 affecting many people’s finances. Many of us are likely to be a bit more frugal when it comes to shopping. So, if you still want to buy makeup during this epidemic but are in no position to break the bank. Here are some affordable beauty products that in myContinue reading “Affordable Beauty Products to Try During Quarantine”