It’s Hard to Be Persistent When Dating

Photo via Kohlerphoto from Getty Images Signature Though dating is supposed to be an exciting experience. As it’s the chance to socialize, meet new people and ultimately form beautiful connections. When people tend to ask me about dating, I always let out a BIG sigh because for me personally dating has been trash.  It’s honestlyContinue reading “It’s Hard to Be Persistent When Dating”

The Bloody Samaritan Remix Took Me by Suprise!

Photo via Bloody Samaritan Remix Official Music Video As a Yorùbá and Delta Igbo girl, I have been listening to Afro-Beats since day one. And it is interesting to see this genre go from being niche (especially in the West) to steadily becoming mainstream in the present day. Nevertheless, it is not surprising that weContinue reading “The Bloody Samaritan Remix Took Me by Suprise!”

Accurate & Diverse Portrayals of Dark Skin POC Improved My Awareness of Colourism

Photo by Juan Vargas from Pexels,Photo by Trung Nguyen from Pexels,Photo by Riya Kumari from Pexels,Photo by Jermaine Ulinwa from Pexels,Photo by Muhammadtaha Ibrahim Ma’aji from Pexels,Photo by Anna Tarazevich from Pexels, Photo by Tisha Vassel from Pexels, Photo by Aviz from Pexels Although it’s necessary to read, listen and watch content that will educate you on colourism. In my experience, I’ve learnt that if I didn’t seek out an accurate representation of dark skin Brown and Black people,Continue reading “Accurate & Diverse Portrayals of Dark Skin POC Improved My Awareness of Colourism”

There is a Time and a Place For Romantic Relationships!

Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels So in the year 2022, I think I’m finally ready to date 😝 Since the beginning of Uni, I’ve been pressured to date. I was always asked by friends, acquaintances and even co-workers questions such as ‘why are you single?’, ‘don’t you want a boyfriend?’, ‘why aren’t you dating?’. Now although theyContinue reading “There is a Time and a Place For Romantic Relationships!”

Three Ways to Enjoy Valentine’s Day While Single

Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels Valentine’s day is a perfect day to celebrate love. However, who says that you have to celebrate it with a romantic partner or partners? So, to all my single people out there who are not in the mood to mingle, here are three ways you can enjoy Valentine’s day this year. Me, Myself andContinue reading “Three Ways to Enjoy Valentine’s Day While Single”

Perfect Christmas Gifts From Black & Brown Owned Businesses

Photo by Olya Kobruseva from Pexels With Christmas just around the corner, It’s safe to say that many of you are on the hunt to find the perfect presents for your loved ones. So to make this process easier for you, here is a mini directory filled with fabulous Black and Brown owned businesses with the perfect ChristmasContinue reading “Perfect Christmas Gifts From Black & Brown Owned Businesses”

TeaMarrr is a Name That is Synonymous With Talent

Photos by Jabari Jacobs So I’ve known of, the RnB artist, TeaMarrr for a while but it was only recently where I ACTUALLY took the time to listen to her music. And one thing I can say is she is TALENTED! The first thing I admire about this artist is her voice. TeaMarrr’s voice isContinue reading “TeaMarrr is a Name That is Synonymous With Talent”

How to Consume Less Fast Fashion

Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels We’re all well aware that fast fashion is TERRIBLE for the planet. But for many of us, who are from lower-middle to working-class backgrounds, we don’t have the luxury to shop from sustainable brands as they can be expensive. So for those of you who want to reduce harm to the planetContinue reading “How to Consume Less Fast Fashion”

Beauty Products Every Nude Make-Up Lover Should Own

Photo by Ottun Abdulmalik from Pexels I know colourful make-up looks are beautiful and look flawless on dark skin. But we can all agree that sometimes we want a more toned down natural look. If nudes (not the naughty kind) are more your thing, here are some make-up products you will absolutely need in your collection, especially if you’re aContinue reading “Beauty Products Every Nude Make-Up Lover Should Own”

3 Brush Sets You NEED in Your Make-Up Collection

Photo by from Pexels If there is anything I have learnt from my experience with make-up is that quality matters when it comes to your brushes. If they’re trash, then you best believe that your make-up look will be too! So for those of you that are considering getting an upgrade, here are some suggestions that IContinue reading “3 Brush Sets You NEED in Your Make-Up Collection”