#DarkHuesChats with Rebekah Phillip

Hey lovely people and welcome back to another chapter of #DarkHuesChats! We honestly hope you enjoy this series as much as we do. As we have had the pleasure to talk to some cool individuals. Today’s interview features the fabulous Rebekah Phillip whose fashion is not only impeccable but also environmentally friendly. 1. The firstContinue reading “#DarkHuesChats with Rebekah Phillip”

Party Jollof Rice is a West African Staple

Jollof rice is a classic and warming West African dish that’s bursting with flavour. Growing up, my family looked forward to eating Jollof every Sunday, where it would be served with delectable side dishes such as fried plantain, coleslaw and moin moin. I would venture to say that it is near impossible to attend anyContinue reading “Party Jollof Rice is a West African Staple”

#DarkHuesChats with Rachel Isabel

Hello lovely people and welcome welcome welcome back to another chapter of #Darkhueschats! Today’s interview features the lovely Rachel Isabel a talented artist and overall sweet soul x 1. So first and foremost your art is amazing! You are truly talented. What inspired you to become an artist? I have a very creative family, myContinue reading “#DarkHuesChats with Rachel Isabel”


Trigger Warning: Colourism, Sexual Assault “Nobody loves a black girl. Not even herself” ― Nicole Dennis-Benn The recent and ongoing Black Lives Matter protests have acted as a catalyst for necessary conversations that are long overdue. Conversations about institutional racism, the effects of white supremacy, the dangers faced by Black trans people, White privilege… and so muchContinue reading “I’M BLACK Y’ALL”

Cheap Doesn’t Mean Ineffective

Blog Banner Photo by Polina Tankilevitch from Pexels Now we’re all aware that natural hair products can be pricey. So, I decided to test out and review some cheaper alternatives to see if you can be natural on a budget successfully. Dudu-Osun I decided to use Dudu-Osun to clarify my hair (based on @esirishair suggestion, definitely check herContinue reading “Cheap Doesn’t Mean Ineffective”

#DarkHuesChats with @babesabouttown

Welcome or welcome back to #DarkHuesChats! In today’s chapter, we had the opportunity to talk to award-winning blogger, screenwriter, digital consultant and now the author of their new book ‘Bringing Up Race‘, Uju Asika. 1. So apart from being a screenwriter/author can you tell us a little bit more about yourself? I was born inContinue reading “#DarkHuesChats with @babesabouttown”

4 Tips For Taking Care Of Your Mental Health

Mental health is something that will always be important, but it’s especially important right now for the Black community. There is so much going on and it’s all going on at once. Police brutality and protests are the current centres of attention, and it’s a lot!  A couple of years ago, I could watch aContinue reading “4 Tips For Taking Care Of Your Mental Health”

#DarkHuesChats with 5th of a Kind

Welcome to #DarkHuesChats a series where we interview amazing Dark-skinned people of colour from all walks of life. In today’s chapter, we had the opportunity to talk to the lovely 5th of a Kind. 1. So we’ve had the chance to check out your content, especially your Instagram feed. Overall, we think it’s amazing! What inspiredContinue reading “#DarkHuesChats with 5th of a Kind”