9 Best Self-Love Practices for Valentine’s Day

A board with the words you are worthy of love

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It’s easy to live through each day of the year wallowing in the pressures and difficulties that come with being human and thus neglecting ourselves. It’s also easy to crave things such as love, pampering from others, the feeling of being special, plus being thought about.

Now, while these are valid and genuine things to feel and want. Why sit around waiting for them when we can shower ourselves with these things? And form a habit of loving and feeling secure in ourselves?

This year we are not simply sitting around wishing to be gifted a present. Nor are we sneering at the beautiful couple who can’t seem to get their hands off each other. Or really just hating on the love that’s in the air. We are focusing on loving ourselves, and showing it in small ways.

So keep reading to learn how you can practice self-love on Valentine’s day, and keep the feeling all year long.

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1. Take Yourself Out

Who says you can’t take yourself out on a date? Wear a nice dress, or a tuxedo or whatever makes you feel alive. And enjoy your own company at your favourite restaurant, where you either order your favourite meal. Or anything else on the menu you’ve never tried, but hoped to. If you’re not feeling dinner you could also enjoy a solo movie date, or even a solo trip. Overall do something that allows you to have fun. As we all need some of that, every now and then.

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2. Munch on Your Favourite Snacks

Just for a day, be the kid who mischievously eats more sweets than they should. Immerse yourself in your favourite snacks, savour those bites, and do not feel guilty about it. Equally you can also use this day to explore new recipes. As this is an opportunity to learn something new. Plus gives you another favourite snack to enjoy during NYE, Christmas, or any other special day. Won’t your guests just love you! So sing and dance while you eat, and bask in the joy that comes with devouring good food.

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3. Give Yourself Time Off Work

This is not always an easy decision to make. You may have a legion of questions, and doubts ringing in your head as you make the decision to take time off. But think about how short life is. As well as the many sacrifices you have made for work. A single day won’t send it all crashing.

So carry out any activity of your choice during this time. But don’t feel the pressure to engage in anything wild, just because you took time off. You can do something peaceful and use the day to reflect and calm your mind. Equally you could decide to sleep all day, or even visit friends. It’s basically a day where you do you and truly be your own boss!

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4. Splurge on Something You’ve Always Wanted

You’ve looked at that item on Amazon a dozen times, and every time you leave the site you’re eyes shut in frustration as you can’t afford it. But maybe it’s time you treated yourself! We all should have one day or more in the year where we decide to splurge on ourselves, by purchasing that item or service that stirs excitement in us. And keeps us bouncing off the walls. This good or service could be purchasing a painting, paying for a spa treatment or even getting a designer bag. If you’ve been slightly feeling self-deprived. Don’t worry about future expenses and pamper yourself this Val day.

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5. Binge Watch Movies/ TV Shows

Grab your favourite movie snack, sit cosy and go on that joy ride with your favourite TV show or film. Alternatively if you’re in the mood for something new; TV Series I highly recommend include Shadow and Bones, All American and Hawkeye. Additionally, Smart Money Woman and Emily in Paris. In terms of movies, I suggest Brazen, Level 16, Dune and Red Notice. These are all really entertaining productions. But even if you don’t decide to check out these suggestions. Overall, what matters the most is watching TV shows and films that make you happy.

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6. Read a Book

Go ahead and read that book for the umpteenth time. Only this time, do it unashamedly. Remember! You are doing whatever it is that makes you happy. But, if you are already tired of reading that book and would like to try something new, check out The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath, Knitting In The City (series) by Penny Reid or The Kind Worth Killing by Peter Swanson. Reading is an amazing stress reliever, and the best leisure time activity. If you are interested in learning something new, keeping your imagination alive and being completely relaxed, definitely read.

Photo by Ian Vedette Kafuna on Pexels.com

7. Express How You Feel to That Person You Have a Crush On

Yes, I’m going there! Part of self-love is creating room for the release of our emotions and fostering our self-expression. When we hold back on how we really feel, we dampen something in us. Exploring and daring to open doors to what makes us happy is self-love. If that person makes you happy, call her up, call him up or call them up and express your feelings. You may just find out that the feeling is mutual, and if it isn’t, it shouldn’t ruin your day. Instead, choose to remember it as the time you dared to go for something you wanted, the day you chose to open yourself to the possibility of finding love.

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8. Call Friends and Laugh a Little

Laughter is good for the soul.” This phrase is said very often and that’s because it’s absolutely true. Call the friends that are dear to your heart and let them know you are thinking of them. Show concern, tell them you love them, tell silly jokes to each other and laugh at weird, quirky things. Be awkward. Tell secrets, share the things that bother you. Relish this moment, value it, and celebrate them. Little things like this will make your heart swell with joy.

Photo by Arina Krasnikova on Pexels.com

9. Journal The Things You Love About Yourself

We journal all year long, but you may have noticed that your journal is filled with goals, to-do lists, and all the plans you keep making for the future. This Valentine’s day, get a little self-obsessed, write out all the things you love about yourself, the things you will never change about you, say nice things to yourself, and blush a little. Dote on yourself. Write till you truly have to stop, and then read it out. Recite it like a love poem. You’d see how special you are. Even if you come up with one thing, that’s fine, it’s a process, keep evolving. Keep getting to know yourself better.

So if you happen to be single this Valentine’s day I hope these 9 self-love practices help you appreciate yourself more 💗

Enunosowo is a Lifestyle Editor for Dark Hues Magazine. She is a story teller who runs her own lifestyle blog called Enun’s Musings. Furthermore, asides from writing, Enunosowo loves to volunteer with NGOs. Be sure to check out this lovely human on Instagram, and her own blog


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