You Can’t Enjoy Christmas Without These Festive Films

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December is upon us which means it is time for the Christmas movies. I don’t know about you, but I live for sitting in front of the TV screen accompanied by a mug of hot chocolate, topped with whipped cream and marshmallows. Not to mention being surrounded by Christmas decorations ready to indulge in some good-natured Christmas movies.

The great thing about this year is that there are a few Christmas films that we can watch this season that are trauma-free and have some fantastic representation. So if you’re intrigued to know what they are, keep reading…

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Boxing Day

Now, this had to be the first recommendation because I have been waiting for this film as soon as I saw the promotion poster!

Boxing Day is written, directed and stars Aml Ameen alongside Aja Naomi King,( you may know her from HTGAWM). Additionally, this film also features a plethora of Black British actors/entertainers including the Little Mix singer Leigh-Anne Pinnock. This movie is not only something that I have been waiting for and wishing that we would eventually get. But the representation looks like it is going to be on point, as it includes actors with all different shades and sizes. Plus, shout out to the Dark skin romance (we love to see it!). 

This hits the cinemas, in the UK, on 3rd December. So definitely get yourself a ticket ASAP, because I know I will definitely be there with my popcorn. 

The Black British star, Aml Ameen, also did an interview with The British Blacklist (IG: @thebritishblacklist). In which he was quoted saying “It was always a certain type of Black love celebrated in British TV and cinema….It’s problematic when in all storytelling you don’t reflect who we are in our fullness”

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Merry Liddle Christmas

Two words Kelly Rowland 😍

Now, Merry Liddle Christmas is a TV movie that came out in 2019. This film is about a successful entrepreneur (played by Kelly Rowland) who is trying to control her dysfunctional family; who has come to her house for Christmas. Now, I won’t give any spoilers to those who haven’t watched it. But what I can say is, it is a lovely and lighthearted movie. Moreover, this film comes with two sequels. So if enjoy the first movie you have another two films to keep you entertained.

If you live in the US you’re in luck, as you can find all three of these films on Amazon Prime.

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A Christmas Dance Reunion

Now I really only want to watch this film because I am a High school musical stan and it has Monique Coleman and Corbin Bleu as the starring couple. My 5 and 10-year-old selves are smiling so hard.

The movie is about an attorney called Lucy (Coleman) who takes her mother to her favourite resort for a dance, only for her to meet her former Christmas dance partner Barrett (Bleu). The release date for this film is 3rd December. And as A Christmas Dance Reunion is a Lifetime movie, hopefully, Prime will stream it. But if that’s not the case it will be available on Lifetime streaming services. 

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Christmas Deja Vu

Now to anyone who isn’t aware of Amber Riley. All you need to know is she is a talented singer and actress. And anything she’s in I’m watching!

Chrismas Deja Vu is a BET movie that is about an angel who grants a wish to a Christmas hating woman to become a singer. All I know is we are about to be blessed with Amber Riley’s heavenly vocals which are always worth a watch!

Apart from Amber Riley, this film also stars everyone’s favourite mother Loretta Devine. You can check these two fabulous women in Christmas Deja Vu now, as this film is available to stream on BET.

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A Rich Christmas

This is one film I’m intrigued to watch after I saw the trailer on BET. A Rich Christmas tells the story of a spoiled socialite, played by Brandee Evans, who has to work at her family’s homeless shelter. Overall this movie looks like it is going to be funny and interesting.

So if you’re interested, like I am, head over to BET as A Rich Christmas is available to watch now.

Although this was a small list, these were the only films that I was able to find that I believe could be family-friendly and enjoyable. And while we could definitely use more representation for other demographics in terms of Christmas movies. Hopefully, the positive representation here will bring you some joy.

Happy holidays!

As well as an Entertainment Editor for Dark Hues, Khadijah is an actress, writer and a final year undergraduate student. Check her out on Instagram and Twitter


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