TeaMarrr is a Name That is Synonymous With Talent

Photos by Jabari Jacobs

So I’ve known of, the RnB artist, TeaMarrr for a while but it was only recently where I ACTUALLY took the time to listen to her music. And one thing I can say is she is TALENTED!

The first thing I admire about this artist is her voice. TeaMarrr’s voice is a unique sound I’ve personally not heard of before. It’s sweet yet powerful. The second thing that I like about TeaMarrr is the songs she has created. Like most RnB artists, a lot of her melodies discuss topics such as sex and romantic relationships. However, the way she chooses to perform these topics is enjoyable! Apart from her lyrics being clever, this coupled with the backing track of each song is catchy. Resulting in her music being unforgettable. For example, the chorus of TeaMarrr’s song “Kinda Love” is stuck in my head 😍

Additionally, not only are TeaMarrr’s songs FIRE πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ but so are her music videos! Shout out to the music directors and production team who worked with her because each music video is beautiful. The videos tell a story and perfectly depict the meaning of each song. Moreover, the cinematography is fabulous. The shining star TeaMarrr and everyone (including the male leads😜) featured in each video are stunning.

TeaMarrr – One Job Official Music Video

Overall, TeaMarrr is a talent that deserves your attention! She is a gifted singer providing you quality songs with the perfect music videos to compliment them. Make sure to check out her latest single “Show Me Love”. As well as our RnB playlist to hear more of her music 😁

Apart from being one of the co-founders of Dark Hues Magazine. Chizoba Itabor is a content creator who runs her own self-titled lifestyle blog. Be sure to check out this cool gal on Instagram, Pinterest , YouTube and her own blog


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