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I discovered Noughty Hair by hairfluencer @HanzCurls and the collection has slowly been growing! I have fine Type 2C/ 3A hair combined with an incredibly greasy scalp meaning my wash days can sometimes only last two days but since using Noughty products, my hair’s health has improved dramatically.

So, If you are in a similar situation like I was, check out my recommendations below!

Important Info about Noughty

Noughty prides itself on being 97% natural, cruelty-free, vegan, no parabens, petrochemicals, sulphates and silicones as well as using recyclable product and delivery packaging. (Phew – what a hairful!)

Okay now you know about Noughty’s claims here are some of my absolute favourites in the order of how I use them on wash day:

Detox Dynamo Clarifying Shampoo – £6.99 

Using a clarifying shampoo before using your regular shampoo basically ensures your scalp is a clean playing field, meaning any products you use afterwards will go on more smoothly and therefore be more effective. As most Curly Girl friendly approved products are so gentle, factors such as living in a hard water area can make it seem that your products aren’t working. Detox Dynamo has a lovely fresh mint smell to it with a jelly-like consistency. I advise sectioning your hair into 2 or 3 parts and using a shampoo brush to really get in there!

Pumped Up Shampoo – £6.99

I often find with the CG world, there is hardly anything catered to people with greasy hair. Often hair products targeted at greasy hair tend to be mainstream brands that can not only be really stripping but are also full of the nasties like silicones and parabens that we curlies need to avoid. What I love about Noughty is that their entire range of products is aimed to suit multiple hair types. Pumped Up Shampoo is CG friendly AND is a match made in heaven for greasy hair. It makes you feel squeaky clean and it’s aimed at being volumising, you can feel your hair plumping up as you lather up! Added bonus, it smells divine (There’s also a matching conditioner which I’m yet to try!)

To the Rescue Range: Shampoo, Conditioner & Deep Conditioner – £6.99 each

Now, Noughty does have a range of products specifically for curly hair called Wave Hello and I do use some of these post-wash (they’re coming up!) 

However, for me personally, when it comes to washing my hair the To the Rescue range really hits the spot. This is because this range contains protein whereas their Wave Hello range does not. In the CG world, plenty of curlies don’t want protein in their products and without this, they get fantastic results. Me? Not so much. Therefore, everything about this range hits the mark for me; it’s moisturizing, has that much-needed protein and my hair always feels soft and smooth.

Special mention of the Intense Moisture Treatment because to me it is the equivalent to an Olympic Gold Medal; a tub of this lasts you months as you don’t need lots of product to saturate your hair. This is great for fine hair curlies as you don’t have to worry about avoiding roots as it won’t weigh hair down or cause any extra grease!

Hello Curls Hair Primer – £8.99

This lightweight spray with sea kelp, avocado oil and shea butter is a great multi-use product. I normally spray this on freshly washed hair as my first step. This spray encourages curl definition and ‘primes’ your hair for the following products. 

What I love about this spray is its versatility; you can use this spray if you air dry or diffuse and it’s great for in-between wash days to refresh any stretched out curls. You can use this on dry hair but I found my refreshes work out better on damp hair. 

Wave Hello Curl Taming Cream – £6.99

Now, this product is regularly out of stock and as an avid user of this I completely know why! 

It’s lightweight, buildable and smells really lovely due to the mango butter. If you want to go for a beachy wave style, I’d suggest you scrunch this product. However, I like to rake this cream into my curls followed by a quick brush through to ensure its coated every strand for more definition in my curls.

Hey Curl Scrunching Jelly – £7.99

Last but not least, one of Noughty’s newest products, the Hey Curl Scrunching Jelly. Again, so lightweight which is great for fine curls as you don’t want to feel weight down. It also doesn’t flake, doesn’t feel sticky and doesn’t feel crunchy when fully dry. You can also emulsify this gel in between your hands with water before adding to your hair. Depending on my mood, I either hair plop (wrapping it up in an old cotton t-shirt) or diffuse if I’m going somewhere fancy! 

If you try this you should play around with amounts to see what suits your hair best. It’s always best to go lightly as you can always add more gel but can’t take away!

The biggest pro for me is that I really love the affordability of Noughty products; most products are £6.99 (with the primer being £8.99) which means if it doesn’t work for you, you haven’t broken the bank. Embracing our natural hair can sometimes be an expensive task with many products that cost a bomb gathering dust in the back of our bathroom cabinets. It’s nice to see a brand that has fair prices with good quality products.

Noughty does offer a rewards scheme if you buy directly from their website (I’ve had free full-size products with enough points which did not take long at all!) but you can find their products in retailers such as Boots, Superdrug and Waitrose and also on other beauty websites. 

Apart from being the Co-Editor-in-Chief of Dark Hues Magazine. Veema is a very creative woman who has interests in theatre, music and visual art.

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