Black Joy is a Sweet and Precious Experience

A dark skin Black person running in the rain. They're wearing denim shorts and a blue front tie top and a camel hat

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This article was inspired by the wonderful book Black Joy which we highly suggest you purchase

Though we celebrate Black History month every month here at Dark Hues. We decided to still do something special because ultimately why not? So to honour Blacktober the beautiful and talented Black team members chose to use this opportunity to discuss the various sources that provide them joy. As overall Black Joy is is a sweet and precious experience

So without further ado let’s get into this article πŸ˜„πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜

When I originally came across the term ‘Black Joy’ It at first was an abstract concept to me. However after listening to Timi Soitire ,one of the collaborators of this book, talk about what Black Joy is on the Two Two’s podcast. It became very clear what Black Joy is. Black Joy pretty much describes the feelings of happiness and enjoyment that us Black people get from various sources. Because Black people are not a monolith these experiences are personal and overall individual.

In terms of myself a lot of things bring me joy. Sometimes these sources are quite simple such as my favourite shows being back for another series. Or even having the time to create content whether it be filming a Youtube video, writing an article or taking pictures. The feeling of excitement, I get from such activities, warms my heart as ultimately I get to have fun.

Other times my joy comes from more complex sources like going outside. With the pandemic making it harder to see your loved ones. Once I got double vaccinated and was able to go out again; I was filled with IMMENSE JOY! The experiences I had such as going to the cinema or experiencing bottomless brunch for the first time with my bestest friend were AMAZING! The memories I got to make were beautiful and something I DO NOT take for granted.

Chizoba – Co-Founder of Dark Hues Magazine

It’s been quite a journey discovering the things that truly make me happy. I could always relate to either being in front of the television screen; watching reality TV, or being gravely bored. However, during those frequent bouts of boredom, I discovered more, I discovered first, how much I loved my mind. Oops! I guess we’re starting on a rather unusual note. I love the sheer freedom of being able to, in my head, live in a world I basically built up. The liberty of being consumed with peppy, hope-filled thoughts, of being able to build up stories and characters. And laslty the freedom that comes with having thoughts that can only be heard by me.

I also love a good book. Like my mind, books help me escape reality. I’m consumed in a story that isn’t really mine. I’m like the invisible character that knows the every move of the other characters. And yes, fiction is my favourite genre. Apart from this I also like to write. Nothing brings me more joy than writing fiction. Again the thing about creating characters plus developing these characters. Furthermore I totally admire, and look up to Black female writers like Chimamada Adichie, Nnedi Okorafor etc.

Additionally, I have an intense fondness for food. I appreciate good food. Best combo? Good food and a good movie in front of me; it doesn’t get better than that!

And with that being said I adore movies, and I have a strong admiration for actors, I think that acting is such a brilliant skill. Moreover, I enjoy music. And no, I do not have a favourite genre. As banal as it may sound, I listen to anything that is befitting for my mood.

Lastly some of my most recent favourite things to get up to, are; listening to podcasts, looking up fascinating interior dΓ©cor on the internet. Interesting news? I do not watch the television these days. I prefer to watch YouTube vlogs. This made me realize that as we grow, we sometimes do not carry along our infatuations.

Enunosowo – Lifestyle Editor

Music plays a big part in my happiness and joy. But not just listening to music, but dancing and creating music. Music has always been a place of solace for me. There is something about music that when I listen to it; I can just forget any source of stress in my life. Music has always been something I can immediately put on and dependent on the genre I just immediately feel lighter.

Acting and writing constantly bring me joy as well. Despite rejections and the times when starting out in the industry can be hard. It still brings me joy that I am doing what I love and not taking no for an answer.

And finally my family and friends bring me the biggest joy. I think I underestimated the amount of joy that they gave me until I moved to America and only had a phone to communicate with them. They could instantly make me smile and my friends often commented on the laughter and the enjoyment that they could hear when I was on the phone.

Khadijah – Enterianment editor

Apart from being the Co-Editor-in-Chief of Dark Hues Magazine. Chizoba Itabor is a content creator who runs her own self-titled lifestyle blog. Be sure to check out this cool gal on Instagram, Pinterest , YouTube and her own blog

Enunosowo is a Lifestyle Editor for Dark Hues Magazine. She is a story teller who runs her own lifestyle blog called Enun’s Musings. Furthermore, asides from writing, Enunosowo loves to volunteer with NGOs. Be sure to check out this lovely human on Instagram, and her own blog

As well as an Entertainment Editor for Dark Hues, Khadijah is an actress, writer and a final year undergraduate student. Check her out on Instagram and Twitter


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