You Can’t Love RnB If You Haven’t Heard of Brandy

Brandy is wearing a red leather jacket and a black top and black trousers. She is sitting on wooden stairs in a red room. She is giving a sultry expression

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If you’ve never listened/ nor heard of a Brandy song then today is the day that you will! In this article, I’m going to be sharing some of Brandy’s, aka the vocal bible, phenomenal tracks.

I Wanna Be Down

Kicking off with Brandy’s debut single ‘I Wanna Be Down’, released in 1994, is absolutely everything you would expect from a 90’s R&B song – sultry vibes with a cool and collected base. You can see this blaring out at a party, everyone clutching red cups and doing a little whine whilst making eyes at the hot person across the room 😉

Official Music video of I Wanna Be Down

Have You Ever

Have You Ever‘ shows a more mature side, filled with a melody that makes you want to sing your heart out in your car, silently in your head through your CD Walkmans or at home cleaning with your broom for a microphone.

Official Music video of Have You Ever

The Boy Is Mine

Hands down this is one of the most iconic duets of the ’90s! Brandy AND Monica?! The vocals are undefeated on this track, how could you decide which one you were going to ad-lib to? Not to mention the video was I-C-O-N-I-C, seeing the ladies realise they were dating the same man and surprising him at the end was nothing but hilarious and satisfying!

Fun fact – this was the first song I downloaded on Kazoo (yes I am that old!) It took over two days on dial-up internet plus the genuine fear of downloading a virus!!)

Official Music video of The Boy is Mine

Another Day in Paradise ft Ray J

This song is a duet with Brandy’s very own brother Ray J, you can see that the talent clearly runs in the family. A true ballad originally written by Phil Collins to speak about the issues of homelessness in America.

Official Audio of Another Day In Paradise

What About Us?

Another great song with a kick-ass video to match! We all remember Brandy with a baseball bat in hand wacking out pagers, cell phones and even a flying male, whose sunglasses she grabs off. She wanted an upbeat and aggressive track to give women strength and to be honest, we are here for it!

Official Music video of What About Us?

By now it should be pretty obvious that Brandy is talented with a great catalogue to match. Check out her brand new album B7 with the possibility of taking a trip down memory lane afterwards – you won’t regret it.

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