African Pear and Black Pepper

A green pear lying on a black wooden surface

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

A platonic embrace.
Wait. Transition. 
A sensual embrace?
Why do I want to kiss you?
Your cheeks, your neck, your chest
I want to bury myself in you
Inhaling you and your scent
I feel it through my whole body
Nostrils alight, my body aflame
I don’t want to let go,
But I have to buy this for myself 
Is it weird that I have a deep deep crush on this scent?
You have good taste
And I love you for it,
Because you’ve introduced me to my new lover - 
African Pear and Black Pepper.

Protect your energy.
People will draw from it.
Others will attach themselves to it,
Draining you,
Intentionally or not.
For you, my sweet sweet siblings, 
You are nectar from the heavens!
Be mindful.

AJ (He/They) is a Black non-binary queer multidisciplinary artist, and the founder of ‘Beat For The Gxds’ – a creative make-up space for Black non-binary people. Their current work centres the healing nature of self-love, and its potential to facilitate growth and joy.

Make sure to follow them over on Instagram @Non_Binoiry and @beatforthegxds. As well as support their GoFundMe


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