Water Breathing

Photo by Dazzle Jam from Pexels

I wanna write about love, but I’m drowning…
I wanna give more love, but I’m drowning…
I wanna complete this chapter, but I’m falling,
Thrashing in the water,
Trying to come up for air…
The water between my fingers feels thicker with each second that goes by,
Falling in slow motion,
Alone, but peaceful now,
Moving how I please…
Under water,
I wanna create imagery, I wanna write poetry
With my movements in the water, turn black seas
Into a crystal blue.
Create textures, create layers, create a current that will see me through.
Because if I can’t make it,
If I don’t make it,
*sigh* I won’t be able to get back to coming into my full potential
Being reborn.
Communing with the ancestors to see me through,
Breathe through me as I move.
Move through me,
Support my arms with your own as we dance,
Creating our waves.
Dance with me, move with me, breathe with me,
Beautiful beings beneath the water,
Our movement sending me up for air.
I thought I needed to know how to swim,
But I just needed to feel you and hear you.
As my crown breaks through into the moonlit realm,
I think about this love,
What is your name?
Water breather, water shaper, water mover, water bender,
I will find it, and I will find you, and I will be whole.

They say that Black women invented yellow, 
I say that’s beyond accurate.
I learn from you.
I want to hold you and let you rest
Has anyone cared for you lately? Besides your Black sisters? 
Has anyone cared for all of you?

AJ (He/They) is a Black non-binary queer multidisciplinary artist, and the founder of ‘Beat For The Gxds’ – a creative make-up space for Black non-binary people. Their current work centres the healing nature of self-love, and its potential to facilitate growth and joy.

Make sure to follow them over on Instagram @Non_Binoiry and @beatforthegxds. As well as support their GoFundMe


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