Cheap Doesn’t Mean Ineffective

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Now we’re all aware that natural hair products can be pricey. So, I decided to test out and review some cheaper alternatives to see if you can be natural on a budget successfully.


I decided to use Dudu-Osun to clarify my hair (based on @esirishair suggestion, definitely check her out on Instagram) because I’m broke and too lazy to use clay. Overall, all I can say is I am impressed!

 Product Info

  •  Price: 99p
  • Product type: Clarifier (since it’s clarifying, it’s best to use it once a month or every two months (if you wash your hair as often as I do which is weekly/biweekly) and also follow up with a conditioner and/or deep conditioner after to restore moisture)
  • Where to get it: or your nearest hair shop

The Pros

Barring the fact this product is super affordable, It clarified my hair very well and deeply cleansed it! It’s also quick and efficient compared to using a clarifying shampoo or clay. Furthermore, this Dudu Osun is biodegradable and has natural ingredients such as Shea butter, pure Honey, Aloe Vera and Herbs. It also has no artificial colours and preservatives.

The Cons

Your hair may feel a bit weird after using it due to the palm oil in it however it’s nothing to worry about, just carry on with conditioning and/or deep conditioning.

ORS Olive Oil Moisturising Hair Lotion 

I decided to try the ORS Olive Oil Incredibly Rich Moisturising Hair Lotion and I must admit that I really like this product, the results I got from it truly surprised me.

Product Info

  • Price: £3.29
  • Product type: Hair Lotion
  • Consistency: Thick
  • Where to get it:, boots or your nearest hair shop

The Pros

Apart from it being cheap, it smells amazing and is extremely moisturising (especially for winter). Not to mention it provides my type 4 curls with good definition even though it’s not a curling cream. I used it for a twist out and the results were bomb! I was so shocked because I never expected it to turn out as good as it did!

The Cons

I’m not a big fan of the packaging, it’s quite hard for me to squeeze out the product because it’s thick. But this is a minor issue for me however it may be an issue for some people.

In conclusion, both products have proven that you don’t need to break the bank for your hair to thrive. I would recommend both products as if you’re looking for a clarifier that is cheap, quick and efficient then Dudu Osun is it! Additionally, if you have type 4 hair and like thick creams that give pretty good definition. Then the ORS leave-in conditioner won’t disappoint.

Esther is a Natural Hair content creator and Intern for Christian youth platform Christ Like Creatives (CLC).

Be sure to check out Esthair on Instagram and CLC.


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